Ashdod team takes the Israeli Cup after big drama!

The Israeli Team Cup has been held in small city Savion (near Tel-Aviv). It obvious that our task would be very difficult due to absense of two key players in our team Emil Sutovsky and Artur Kogan. Picture 323We started very good, winning the first match 5-0 against second team of Tel-Aviv University. Already in second round we faced very strong opponents “Risho-Lezyion” Team ,  which beat us in the leauge. Picture 319 After a hard struggle we won 3-2, Picture 332this allowed our main rivals Beer-Sheva Team to overtake the lead. The next round was a big disaster for us, since we drew against not so strong team of ” Petakh-Tikva”, while Beer-Sheva won convincingly and was leading already by 2,5(!) points. Next round we won against solid team of Kfar-Saba 4-1 , but Beer-Sheva achieved a nice victory over “ASA”3,5-1,5 . Round 5 saw a clash between two strongest teams. We won the match against Beer-Sheva 3-2 cutting the difference to 1 point only. The 6th round saw both teams make 2,5 -2,5 result against relatively strong opponents. Finally getting to the last round we had the same stuation, as in the leauge Beer-Sheva is on the top with one point difference, from both Ashdod and first team of Tel-Aviv Universtiy. Like in the leauge Beer-Sheva didn’t manage to overstep the pressure of last round and drew his match against Petak-Tikva team (Maksim Rodshtein on the first board lost Sergey Erenburg). We did our job with crushing 4,5-0,5 victory against Holon, but at the same moment Tel-Aviv University was just one win away from the title, leading 4-0 and needed only win to claim the title. Fortunately for us 🙂 they lost this game, that allowed our team to get first place.

Picture 353

 Our key players were : Avrukh Boris first board with 5 points out of 7 without single lose, second board Ilya Smirin with the same result and 3rd board Vitaly Golod 5,5 out of 7.

 Big congratulations to all the members of Ashdod Club  and especially to our boss and captain Moshe Slav , who gave us a lot of spirit during such a tough competion. It is a third year in row our teams makes double, winning both leauge and Cup competions !



Picture 366


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