Interesting positions.

The position in diagramm


is from my game against ¬†Igor Betansky from the Israeli Team Cup ( that evantaully has been won by our Club after big drama in last round). The position is extremely complicated, but somehow I managed to create serious activity on the kingside. White’s king is pretty much in danger and Igor with his last move Nf4-d5 intends to swap queens, that would really help White to reduce Black’s activity on the kingside.

Can you find a nice refutation of White’s idea ?

A great success for my student.

My German student Tobias Graf has became a winner of Vienna open in B-section. In my opinion this is a tremendous achievement to win a section under 2000 with personal rating 1768!

My big congratulations to Tobias!

Here is the web page with the results of the tournament

Zurich Jubilee 2009

It was definitely a very successful tournament for me. I scored incredible + 6 ( 7,5 out of 9) and shared 1-2 with Ukranian Grandmaster Areshchenko. Apparently one of my greatest achievements in my chess career. There was a lot of luck in my last game against Alexander Morozevic, but to win such a strong tournament you definitely need some:). So in general I had a fantastic summer , sharing 1-2 place in two very strong Opens and gaining a lot of elo points.

Here in my blog I want to share my thoughts about last round game from Zurich Open, Kuzubov-Areshchenko , which cost me about 7,500 franks. I have no doubts the game was pre-arranged the day before, which was very obvious to any GM in the tournament. They are two friends and I will never believe that such a solid player like Kuzubov, will lose so badly (in 20 moves) with White pieces, then draw secures a big prize for both players. I also heard in tournament hall, that Morozevic was complained about this game and he was a bit shocked when he saw such an easy win for Black ¬†(during our game). It’s true I cannot prove nothing ( I didn’t have a recorder or camera to catch them), so I just have no respect to these players.

Here is a good link about the tournament

Below you can find also official tournament page.