About me


I was born in 1978 in Kazakhstan (past Soviet Union). I have started to play chess at age of 6. My first big success came when I was 12 years old , I won first Soviet Union championship under twelve ( with exceptional list of players, just for better understanding in first round I beat Sergey Movsesian, who is now in top 10), and later on the same year I came first in World Championship under twelve, that has been played in USA. 1991 brough me a silver medal in European Championship under 14.

In 1995 our family decided to immigrate to Israel. We have been landed in south of  Israel, a very famous chess city Beer-Sheva. I got a huge support from the director of  Beer-Sheva chess club Ilyau Levant . Already on second day of being in Israel I played my first game in Israeli leauge. From 1995 and till 2000 I have two great coaches, who permanently worked with me, Mark Tseitlin and Alexander Huzman (coach of Gelfand for many years). Very soon I can see the fruits of my hard work: in 1998 I got the biggest title in chess – grandmaster.

From 1998 I started to play for the national team, untill now I didn’t miss a single team competion! Here is my results from Olympiads

I played for Israel six times in Chess Olympiads.

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