We are the champions!

We are the champions!

The final round of Israeli leauge has been played on Friday in Chess Academy in Ramat-Aviv. Our team “Ashdod Chess-Club” has been leading through the all leauge, but after unfortunate lose to “Rishon Club”  , “Beer-Sheva Club” overtake the lead and went into last round with one point lead.  In last round we played against  “University Tel-Aviv “, while Beer-Sheva faced obviously stroger team from Rishon( to compare with our opponents), which has been won against us in previous round , but without Boris Gelfand. Our victory 5-1 proved to be more than enough to secure first place, while Beer-Sheva played a very dissapointed match and won only 3,5 to 2,5 , thanks to the victory of Evgeny Postny.

 The list of the players :  1st board Avrukh Boris; 2st Sutovsky Emil; 3rd Smirin Ilya; 4th Golod Vitaly ; 5th Kogan Artur; 6th Kantsler Boris; 7th Gruenfeld Yehuda.

 I have to mention this year we played all the matches without foreign players. Another important detail Boris Gelfand played against us  and this was his only game in Israeli leauge this year.


Special thanks to my good friend Vitaly Golod , for the picture of our team.