My Chess Lessons

At age 31 I can say , that I have already big experience of coaching. I have been worked with absolutely different levels: I worked with top players Teimur Radjabov (2003-2004),  Vladimir Kramnik (2005-2007 just look to his results with White:)). Now I have students from 1600 rating level  and until IM.
My speciality is building the opening repertoire with both White and Black. Positional play , calculation training  and all what is connected with middlegame is a serious part of my lessons.
The price is upon agreement, but I propose significant discount for long courses, starting from 10 hours and more.

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  1. Dear mr
    im chess player from IRAQ my rating is is great for me to see great coach like you..please tell me if you agree to help me..and the price.i need more than 10 hrs..please mail me…

    Harreth Salim

    • Hi there !
      Nice to here from you . First of all in order to move forward my price should be acceptable for you . I charge 35 euro per hour , certainly there is a discount for long courses f.e. 10 hours=315 euro. Let me know what do you think.
      Best Regards Boris

  2. Do you provide lessons in Israel? I am interested in a private coach. I live in Bet Shemesh, but I don’t mind traveling. What is your price in Shekel?

    • Hi Joseph,
      Telling the truth I was surprised , that my Word Press blog still working :). Well in general of course I work in israel, the problem is right now I work only Online (using Skype and Playchess). Another problem is , that in 2 months I leave to US with my family, maybe you want long-term coach. On the other hand if this is OK for you I work till 1st of July for me it’s OK. My price is 150SHekels/hour.
      Please let me know what do you think. In any case please write menext time to my email
      Best, Boris

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