My first book

In November 2008 ( during Dresden Chess Olympiad) appeared my first chess book which is named “Grandmaster Repertoire 1.d4 ” Volume One

 Grandmaster Repertoire 1 - 1.d4 volume one

 Actually this is only the first part of my work, where I covered such a big openings like  Slav Defence, Catalan and Queens Gambit Accepted. The second volume should come untill july 2009.

Untill now  appeared English and Italian versions and very soon (approximately 10th of June ) should be out German version. 

I believe I managed to make something special, as I am pretty sure nowadays it’s impossible to find  an opening book with a big amount of new ideas and seriously developed novelties. I made a lot of pleasant and sometimes unpleasant discoveries for myself . 

 I quess my work would be much tougher without great support of  Jacob Aagaard (Chief Editor of Quality Chess company). He provided all the nessesary help during my work,  I was positively impressed with our cooperation. 

The best place to purchase my book is 

where you can find a few reviews on my book, as well as to download free update

Nice advertising of my book made by wife Margarita Avrukh

borina kniga 5



Impression from one of my sudents:

Hi Boris!

I finish to read your book. I must confirm all my first impression
very deep analysis (not easy find in an opening book one diagram with
a rook endgame! :D) and i like very much in the whole book how you
manage to develope the Nb1 at the right moment. I also find your book
clear because without a lot of words you are able to explain key
points in the position.
There are a lot of nice creative positional ideas ( queen manouvre are
my favorite! :)) usefull for my positional understanding and for
improve my middlegame in general.
Nice recognize some general positional ideas from the past players
(give in mind some games of Botvinnik and Petrosian) and from other
This book make me think a lot about how to play chess. When there are
some playable plans you chose the most solid and positional plan not
because is your chess style but according with the position.
If i'm able to improve my endgame tecnique i can swap queens and play
with a positional advantage without risk to lose and with great
chance to win expecially in my level.
If i play like this i'm sure at least to lose less games!
Simply i can't try to win all my games in 20-30 moves expecially if
i'm not in a good shape or if i find good players. In my games i take
some risk without reason just to force the edge in early stage of the
middlegame, infact i play rarely complex endgame.
Now i fully understand during our lessons when you told me to play
solid with Black and play more logical.

I hope to have same pleasure with your second book!





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  1. Hi John,
    And what if I just play Bg2 ?:)

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